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yet another yuv viewer

My daily job need check YUV (Chinese) frequently.

There are so may yuv tools to convert / view YUV image. I use 7yuv at PC. 7yuv have one tip: save format to preset, with this feature, it could save to width, height and format information for next time using. It’s handful. However, 7yuv is commercial software, and impossible to improve it. And I work at linux most time, so have to switch to PC to use 7yuv. So I decide to find open source tool at linux and improve it by myself.


Find yuv-viewer forked from figg’s.

This tool is based libsdl, and match linux-style, simple and fast, easy to use keybindings.

I plan to branch out and develop some features for myself.

akiyo cif

already add feature

  • guess arguemnts from filename
  • yuv420sp format support
  • interactive change width and height on the fly

will add these fetures next step:

  • yuv420sp 10bit support
  • tiled yuv420sp support

If have any interested, welcome feed back.